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Wild Katt shows you here just exactly what it’s like to session with her.
From muscle worship, touching, kissing, massaging her muscles, to her show of strength
starting with a painful headlock and then landing you on the floor with her massive muscles holding you down, pinning you, breast smothering you . . . and boy oh boy does she have some breasts!!! Mama Mia!!! Sit back and envision yourself under her grasps with her doing all this wild muscle stuff to you!!!

She strips down and strips him naked and the real sensual fun begins!!! She can give quite the hand job and this poor guy has no idea what has grabbed him below and bring him to a happy ending on tape. Then she forces muscle worship on him and massage and takes him back to the floor for some awesome naked fantasy wrestlin!

This WildKatt cannot be tamed in any way! And when she takes a hold of your hard cock and starts pumping it . . . well ya better get ready for a wild and crazy ride to a happy ending!
Watch her here in her greatest hand job perfomance not to mention some awesome foot job
work also!!!

Wildkatt has totally dominated her victim in this video. He just had a hellacious hand job and is now being instructed on muscle worshipping, foot fetish worship and then a great pony ride ending in him being WildKatt’s foot Stool.
20 minutes, 34 seconds of video

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Janeen Lankowski has a fabulous sculpted physique. Great peaks and fullnes to her muscles and outrageous “v” with tiny waist. So it’s only natural that men and women should admire and worship her body. In walks Blondie, aka “K” Dynomite . . .she loves female muscles and can’t get enough of them. She goes crazy over Janeen’s muscular package! Watch as Janeen strikes her famous poses and Blondie touches and worships her. Then surprise . . . Janeen busts out of her tight T-shirt and performs the shoulder carry with blondie, squating several reps with her and then tears off Blondie’s t shirt and throws her down to the mats where she topples her!!!

Janeen and Blondie go at it on the mats . . . Blondie always coming back after being knocked down or beat down by Janeen. It’ s quite comical to watch a thick Muscle Girl dominate a small Blondie girl! Janeen holds her between her thick muscular thighs and lets poor little Blondie struggle away. She picks her up and swings her around and then drops her back on the mats and pounces on her. What a crazy mismatch but fun to watch and also see that the girls are enjoying themselves as well!
Well Janeen keeps pushing down Blondie until she finally allows her to worship her muscles for the umpteenth time! But when Blondie starts to kiss on Janeen’s biceps . . . well Janeen has something else in store for her!!!

19 minutes, 00 seconds of video

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Maryse hears a knock at her door and opens it up to find a Groupie Fan just dying to meet her and spend some quality Muscle time with her. In walks Naadia who is sporting some of her own muscles and immediately is “star struc k” by Maryses huge massive muscles!! She just can’t get enough of them and asks Maryse to help her pose better and be a better bodybuilder. At which time Maryse obliges and then starts taking off Naadia’s clothes.
It’s to the floor now for Maryse to show Naadia some wrestling moves and muscle squeezing.
Then Naadia obliges back and performs the same move on Maryse. Back and forth these two women go at it, in the buff of course, for a great Ebony n Ivory muscle combination.

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Melanie a hot blonde hardbody MILF, and her boyfriend like to play fantasy games. This time she pretends to be a hot housewife who gets surprised by an uninvited guest. This guest quickly ravages her on her stairs as he pounds her with his big black cock. Her reward is a mouthful of cum!
Categories include BBC, Big round booty, big tits, blonde milf’s, blow job, fucking, hardcore, interracial, Milf.

24 minutes, 6 seconds of video
mp4 Format

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I hooked up with Karen Kougar while I was in Vegas. This girl was alot of fun and sexy as hell. We were having a few drinks up in her room and she was talking about Richard Mann and what a big nice cock he had. She was telling how good her orgasm was when he fucked her it started getting me so turned on! I wanted to try this big black cock out for myself! She sent him a text inviting him to come join us and he did! He banged us both with his huge chocolate snake hard from behind with our big titties flopping all over the place. We were two well fucked MILF’s at the end of this session! I want to do him again ;)!

14 minutes, 27 seconds of video

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I was heading back to my hotel room and this hot guy was behind me. As I was putting my key in he asked me if I was Karen Fisher. I told him I was and he started telling what a big fan he was. He was so sweet, I could not help myself. I gave him one of my special big titty fucks and finished him off with a hand job. He squirted his creamy load all over my big round ass. I love meeting my fans!!!! ;)
Categories include Big round booty, big tits, blonde milf’s, blow job, fucking, hardcore, Milf,

11 minutes, 46 seconds of video
mp4 Format

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